It’s Autumn, It’s Cake time!

Our Persian Love Cake has become an institution in Collingwood since it was introduced to Hannah by Emma and Matt two of our favourite regulars. We’ve adjusted the traditional recipe resulting in a softer & less sweet cake full of the glorious flavours of almonds, nutmeg, yoghurt and rose.


100g Hazelnuts, 400g Brown Sugar, 600g Almond Meal, 180g Butter, 500g Yoghurt, 1 whole Nutmeg, 3 Eggs separated, 1/2 cup castor sugar, 1/2 cup water, 1 tbs rose water, Rose Petals & chopped Pistachio for decoration.



Turn oven on to 180. Greese and line a 24 cm cake tin. Roast hazelnuts in oven for 8 mins- till golden brown, as they are cooling rub them with a tea towel to remove the skins.

Combine butter and sugar in a food processor, then add the almond meal- depending on the size of your processor you might need to add the almonds in a large bowl. Rough chop the hazelnuts, scatter them in the bottom of your lined cake tin and then cover with 1/3 of the almond, sugar & butter mix, press it down lightly to create the base layer of your cake.

Whisk the 3 egg whites to firm peaks.

Add the egg yolks and yoghurt to the remaining almond, butter & sugar mix then finely grate the entire nutmeg on top, fold to combine. Then fold through the egg whites. Pour the mix on top of the base then bake for 45-55 mins. It is ready when the top is nicely golden, it will still be quite wobbly but it is just how you want it.

Combine castor sugar, water and rose water in a pan and heat to dissolve the sugar crystals, pour this syrup over the warm cake. then let the cake cool completely and then refrigerate till chilled. Then turn the cake out and decorate. If you try to turn the cake out before it is chilled it will fall to pieces in your hands- very distressing and you are forced to eat it all then and there because it is too good to bin.

April 3, 2014