Storm in a Teacup is dedicated to enhancing all levels of tea knowledge throughout Australia. From tea style and brewing basics, production knowledge, barista skills to tea ceremony, philosophy and spirituality, we love sharing it all.


So it goes that the more one learns about something, the more one realises how little we actually know, so learning is a massive part of what we spend our weeks doing. We are constantly drinking tea and learning from it, practicing ceremony and learning from it, discovering new teas and learning about them. We discover new layers in this beautiful tradition, we practice them and practice them, we embody them and then we share them.


At The Botanical Store, our in-store experts are able to talk you through our range to help you discover the exact teas for you and show you how to brew the to perfection at home or in the office.

We offer workshops and longer courses aimed at beginner and intermediate levels. We hold monthly tea ceremony events. We offer one on one master-classes. We design workshops for specific needs- do you need a grounding & cohesion ritual for a group you are working with?


We are also able to perform tea ritual as part of your significant social events, weddings, naming days, celebrations and festivals.



Check out our Event Page for a list of our up coming workshops and ceremonies. Email Hannah through our Contact page if you would like to discuss a master class, a private workshop or a tea ceremony event.