Old World vs New World Tea

Perfectly Brewed Loose Leaf Tea.

The Old World/ New World differentiation in tea is similar to the differentiation of Old World and New World wines, partly historical, partly geographical.

Old World tea is tea produced in and around it’s indigenous environment; China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam & India while New World tea is grown in Taiwan, Africa, Australia, South America, Hawaii, New Zealand and even England.

Old World tea has at its heart the sense of ritual and ceremony and an ancient appreciation wrapped in age-old customs. New World tea is a reflection of the western adoption of eastern tastes, begun by the Colonial British and their homelands insatiable thirst for this new beverage, tea is now grown by massive corporations and boutique farmers around the globe, many developing single-origin teas and new blends to tempt different palates. On the small scale specialty scene, it is now about experimentation with tea, using traditional hand-farming techniques and melding them with cutting edge science to produce exceptional results.

May 20, 2014