Hong Yu (Red Jade)#18


Developed in the 1980’s by the Taiwan Research Experiment Station (TRES) near Sun Moon Lake. Red Jade #18 (aka Hong Yu) is a cross-strain cultivar of Camellia Sininsis Assamica and an indigenous Taiwanese tea varietal. 

The Taiwanese are world leaders in this type of tea development, creating new and exciting flavours and aromas for the modern tea drinker.

Hand-picked, gently rolled, wilted, roasted and then bake dried, our organic Hong Yu has a commanding aroma of tropical fruits and flowers with a back note of camphor while the flavours of caramel, mint and bourbon shine through.

Clear selection

Nantou, Taiwan

Autumn 2016

Brewing Instructions

3 Grams
200ml Water
95° Degrees Celsius
30,60,90,150 Seconds
4 Infusions

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