Keiko (Practice) Matcha


Keiko means practice, study or training. Keiko is the name of the sessions you undertake in Japanese Tea Ceremony training. Keiko grade Matcha is first harvest, hand picked, stone ground tea from the Kyoto region, but it is a blend of the less exceptional harvests, as opposed to the best of the best that becomes ceremonial grade tea.

This makes Keiko Matcha perfect for smoothies, cooking, keiko & serious matcha habits, as it still has much of the love, energy and expertise that makes ceremonial matcha one of the most honoured of all teas, it just lacks subtlety, poetry and depth and so, it comes in at a more everyday price.


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Kyoto, Japan


Brewing Instructions

1.5 3/4tsp Grams
120mlml Water
90° Degrees Celsius
Whisk for 20 Seconds
1 Infusions

Matcha Green Tea from Kyoto.
  • Matcha Green Tea from Kyoto
  • Matcha Green Tea from Kyoto.
  • Matcha Green Tea Smoothie