Big Red Robe


According to legend an emperor of the Ming Dynasty was cured of an illness by this tea, so he sent great red robes to Wuyi Mountain to clothe the six tea bushes from which the tea was produced.  This Big Red Robe is heavily oxidised and roasted to traditional levels (currently it is popular in Asia to only lightly oxidise all oolong teas, we think there are other styles of oolong that are better suited to gentle oxidation). This strip style oolong gives sweet, earthy, scotch-like aromas of peat with subtle stone fruit flavours coming through in the second infusion. This tea is loaded with glorious ‘Wuyi aroma’

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Fujian, China

Spring 2016

Brewing Instructions

(1tbs) 3.5 Grams
170ml Water
85° Degrees Celsius
120, 180 Seconds
2 Infusions

Wuyi Rock Ooolong, heavily roasted Strip Style tea.
  • Exceptional old style heavily roasted Oolong tea from Wuyi Rock cliffs in Fujian, China.
  • Wuyi Rock Ooolong, heavily roasted Strip Style tea.