Dong Feng Mei Ren (Oriental Beauty)


The botrytis of teas,  Dong Feng Mei Ren is heavily oxidized but not roasted and contains only the tip and two leaves. This is rare for an oolong as most contain four to five leaves in each sprig and if they are more than 50% oxidized they tend to have a good roasted note. These unusual characteristics combine to make this tea, also known as White Tip Oolong or Bai Ho, spectacular and create it’s cult following. 

Only harvested in summer, this tea’s oxidation begins while still on the plant when little insects called Jassids attack the leaves. Further oxidation to 70% is continued in the gentle withering process. The combination of young leaves, leaf-hoppers and slow oxidation generates the profoundly complex, full bodied perfumed, aromas and flavours upheld by honeyed sweetness and muscatel delights.

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Maioli, Taiwan

Summer 2016

Brewing Instructions

1.5 tsp/2.3 Grams
170ml Water
85° Degrees Celsius
60, 90, 120 Seconds
3 Infusions