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Calling in the Winter Solstice with Tea at Dark MOFO

Hannah Dupree Brewing tea at The Winter Feast Dark MOFO

The Museum of Old and New Art in Tasmania hosts two festivals each year to celebrate the solstices. These festivals are unique, I believe in the world, for their courageous, raw and subversive aesthetic, this combined with the lavish setting of MONA and Hobart, offers an unfiltered experience that honours the collective and the individual. …

June 22, 2017

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How to buy and store matcha.

Matcha, Kyoto, Stone Grinding

Matcha is currently booming in popularity. It is so good for you, it has such a fabulous history, it covers all bases from green kit kats to the refined heights of a tea ceremony in Kyoto. It is full of catechins and other antioxidants, theanine, caffeine, and all the science based health benefits, it is …

March 17, 2017

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A Simple Matcha Ritual (How to Make a Bowl of Tea)

Offering tea ceremony to the ocean in Japan

Storm in a Teacup’s Step-by-Step Guide to Making a Bowl of Matcha.   The easiest way to consume matcha is to just shake it with water in a bottle then pour it into a glass, or just throw it into a delicious green smoothie without any fuss at all. But if you want to drink …

May 26, 2016

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