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Calling in the Winter Solstice with Tea at Dark MOFO

Hannah Dupree Brewing tea at The Winter Feast Dark MOFO

The Museum of Old and New Art in Tasmania hosts two festivals each year to celebrate the solstices. These festivals are unique, I believe in the world, for their courageous, raw and subversive aesthetic, this combined with the lavish setting of MONA and Hobart, offers an unfiltered experience that honours the collective and the individual. …

June 22, 2017

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Let Nature In. The Story of an Elemental Adventure.

For the first three weeks of April, Hannah undertook a road trip up the east coast of Australia and around inland NSW. Her intention was to come to an embodied understanding of the Five Elements at play within tea ritual. She didn’t really get what she was seeking in the way she hoped she would, …

May 3, 2017

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Old World vs New World Tea

Perfectly Brewed Loose Leaf Tea.

The Old World/ New World differentiation in tea is similar to the differentiation of Old World and New World wines, partly historical, partly geographical. Old World tea is tea produced in and around it’s indigenous environment; China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam & India while New World tea is grown in Taiwan, Africa, Australia, South America, Hawaii, …

May 20, 2014

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