When you reach an impasse, Change form & move through.


Morning Tea Meditation. This practice – 3 bowls of tea drunk in silence every morning – has created the space in my life to facilitate the massive changes that are coming within this business. Needing, the real kind of needing as opposed to wanting, more time with family & myself, more time with friends & desires outside business, I’ve also found myself falling deeper & deeper in love with tea & in an entirely new way. Inside of Storm in a Teacup as it currently is & the conventional way I thought a business should expand, there is no space for any of this. The busier Storm gets the further away from everything I love I find myself. Buried in accounting, rosters, bigger & bigger bills, random & unnecessary paperwork, designing systems for expansion that never eventuate, I’m too busy to make tea for people, I don’t even have the time to teach people who want to know about tea, let alone convert new people to this magical drink. Morning tea meditation & the following Zen musing on the element of water inspired complete transformation: When you reach an impasse, change form and move through. On the 31st of May our beautiful little tea bar on Smith St will close and the business will go into a hibernation over winter. Storm in a Teacup will reopen in another location in Spring in an entirely new form. Wholesale and the website will continue- you will still be able to access the teas throughout winter, just not from our bricks & mortar.
The new business will have a tasting room enabling more in depth retail experiences, we will have the time to sit with you, to taste the teas & to teach you about different brew methods, different tea wares & different cultural & ritual practices. I will also be focusing more on education, barista/chajin training & ceremony.
This is all very exciting for us & for you. We are incredibly sad to close the Smith St shop, we have loved it so much, our beautiful customers- making tea & food for you had been such a pleasure. Unfortunately it has also been unsustainable & this change will enable us to share tea with you & you to share tea with your loved ones in a much better way.
Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Hannah. Xxx

June 7, 2015